Montana Department of Transportation

Special Provisions

Bridge Specials

Entire document - includes all specials

Barrier and Railing
Bridge Approach Sections Br201.45
Slip-Forming Concrete Barrier Rails Br201.54
Temporary Concrete Barrier Rail Br201.57
Reset Temporary Concrete Barrier Rail Br201.58
Anchor Posts Br201.62
Bridge Concrete Barrier -- Cast-in-Place Br201.66
Revise Bridge Rail - Concrete Barrier Br201.76
Bearings and Joints
Expansion Joint Br201.19
Fabric Reinforced Neoprene Joint Seal Br201.20
Expansion Joint - Asphalt Plug Joint Br201.64
Joint Seals - Silicone Br201.75
Concrete Beams
Alternate Prestressed Beam Sections Br201.34
Prefabricated Superstructure Option Br201.84
Bridge Timber Deck Overlay-Asphalt Br201.27
Bridge Timber Deck Overlay-Asphalt Br201.27m
Bridge Timber Deck Repair-Asphalt Br201.27s
Bridge Deck Concrete Placement And Water Cure Br201.42
Bridge Concrete Deck Overlay - Asphalt Br201.63
Additional Provisions for Cold Weather Concreting Br201.65
Bridge Deck Reinforcing Steel Cover Br201.71
Waterway Passage And Signing Br201.24
Waterway Passage And Signing Br201.24m
Riprap Re-vegetation Br201.61
Rod Soundings - Spread Footings Br201.2
Structure Excavation Br201.7
Structure Excavation - Cofferdams Br201.8
Cofferdams Br201.9
Fluted Steel Foundation Piles Br201.12
Synthetic Slurry for Drilled Shafts Br201.82
Epoxy-Grouted Barrier Anchors Br201.6
Price Reduction Calculation For Structural Concrete Br201.55
Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) Mix Design Br201.68
Sampling Structural Concrete Br201.70
Concrete for Bridges Br201.74
Salvaged Material Br201.21C
Salvaged Material Br201.21S
Detour - Construct, Maintain and Remove Br201.23
Construction Equipment On Existing Structures Br201.38
Bridge Rehabilitation Traffic Control Br201.41
Remove Structure Br201.43
Protection Of Existing Roadways Under Structures Br201.44
Contractor Engineering Submittals Br201.49
Girder Temperature Requirements For Fixed Shoe Welding Br201.52
Structural Steel
Structural Steel Br201.13
Clean And Coat Structural Steel Br201.14
Cleaning And Painting Existing Structural Steel Br201.15
Cleaning And Painting Existing Structural Steel
(Quick Dry)
High Strength Bolts Br201.36
High Strength Bolts Br201.36m