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Effective 06/01/2020, MCS will begin taking walk in customers wishing to obtain permits as well as IRP and IFTA registrations. In order to meet the social distancing requirements, we will limit 2 customers in the office at a time. You may schedule an appointment to work with a License and Permit Tech by calling 406-444-6130. For time and efficiency MCS continues to encourage the use of our online License and Permit system known as ePART. See our Online Carriers page.

Diesel Fuel Users: Please be advised that the National and State Covid-19 Emergency Declaration does not include the ability to use non-taxed diesel fuel (dyed diesel) in motor vehicles traveling on public roads and highways. Using dyed diesel on Montana roadways could be result in a penalty not to exceed $1,000.00 for a first offense and $5,000.00 for a second offense.

USDOT Number updates: needed for Intrastate and Interstate carriers, this is a free service that is done by FMCSA and MCS/MDT. You will not receive calls from either entity requesting money to update this for you. If you receive a call from someone offering to do this for you for compensation, this is a scammer. To update your information, please see our FMCSA Page

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Heavy Vehicle Highway Use Tax (HVUT) /IRS Form 2290

Federal regulations require all states to verify payment of, or exemption from the tax before issuing or renewing vehicle registrations. Before a vehicle is registered, the owner must provide proof the IRS Form 2290 has been filed. This is done at the time of licensing at the county or in MCS when registering under the IRP.

MCS is also now requesting that IRS Form 2290 be provided at the time of issuance of a GVW Fee Permit when the weight is at 55,000 lbs or greater.

Visit our document on how to how to upload an IRS HVUT-Form 2290 and/or a County Registration in the ePART GVW Web Processing.

Acceptable formats of the IRS Form 2290

  • Acceptable IRS Form 2290’s / HVUT has the IRS Watermark on it.
  • If the user does not have the IRS Watermark on their Form 2290, then a copy of the IRS Form 2290 along with the payment receipt or a copy of the cancelled check needs to be submitted.
  • A copy of the IRS Form 2290 with a manual stamp if it was not e-filed.

Want to learn more about the HVUT – Form 2290?

Need to e-file your IRS Form 2290?

If you are not e-filing, a list of the approved IRS e-file providers for HVUT can be found at the link below.

This site linked below is for the FAQs for Truckers Who e-file

This site link below is for general information regarding the IRS Form 2290

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