Airport surplus is available to Montana airports. Do you have surplus equipment? Please email Derrick Olheiser, 406-444-9592 or call the MDT Aeronautics Office 406-444-2506.

Billings Logan International Airport

Please contact Mick McCarthy, Airport Operations Supervisor, for more specific photos or information.
1901 Terminal Circle, Room 216
Billings, Mt. 59105

Light Cans Lumacurve Box Sign Frames Lumacurve Box Sign Frames

Several Lumacurve size III class II box sign frames, several new airfield light can, light can blanks, and adjustment rings

Eureka Airport

Call Pat Jacobs at 406-889-5174 to arrange pickup of these items.

Control System

Control system for runway lighting that was in use at Eureka airport.

Holman Aviation

Call Bob Classen at BClaassenXYZHolmanAviationABCcom or call 406-731-5687 | 800-843-7613 for more information. Visit the Holman Aviation website.

View the Holman Aviation Surplus Descriptions PDF

Filter Vessels

Filter vessels 1 Filter vessels 2 Filter vessels 3 Filter vessels 4


Misc 1 Misc 2 Misc 3 Misc 4

Pumps and Motors

Pumps and Motors 1 Pumps and Motors 2 Pumps and Motors 3 Pumps and Motors 4 Pumps and Motors 5 Pumps and Motors 6 Pumps and Motors 7

Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps 1 Submersible Pumps 2 Submersible Pumps 3 Submersible Pumps 4 Submersible Pumps 4


Tanks 1 Tanks 2 Tanks 3 Tanks 4

Unleaded and Diesel Filter Separators

Unleaded and Diesel Filter Separators 1 Unleaded and Diesel Filter Separators 2 Unleaded and Diesel Filter Separators 3 Unleaded and Diesel Filter Separators 4

Laurel Airport

Contact Murl Williams with the laurel airport at murl.i.williamsXYZgmailABCcom or call Randy Hand at 406-698-6615.

AWOS system 1 AWOS system 2

AWOS system 3 AWOS system 4

AWOS system 5 AWOS system 6

AWOS system 7 AWOS system 8

AWOS system removed from the Laurel airport in 2016, went into service in 2000. Click mic 3 times for weather information and 4 times for radio check.

Yellowstone Airport

Call Luke Borowicz at 406-646-7631 to arrange pickup of these items.

Windsock Windsock pole with base

Windsock pole and support and concrete base

Taxiway sign

Taxiway sign with A2 (sign can be changed)

Conduit with bases and electrical boxes image 1 Conduit with bases and electrical boxes image 2

Conduit with bases and electrical boxes

Single taxiway signs

Single taxiway signs

Assorted airport signs image 1 Assorted airport signs image 2 Assorted airport signs image 3 Assorted airport signs image 4 Assorted airport signs image 5 Assorted airport signs image 6 Assorted airport signs image 7 Assorted airport signs image 8

Assorted airport signs

Assorted gutter

Assorted gutter