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Air Ambulance Base Grand Opening at Yellowstone Airport!

Feature Story image - Air Ambulance Base Grand Opening at Yellowstone Airport!
Over 150 people came out to see the new hangar and air ambulance operation on July 25, 2018.

Yellowstone Airport is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new air ambulance base and hangar facility! Air Methods Corporation dba Air Idaho Rescue in conjunction with Aero Mark have teamed up to construct the first hangar ever at the Yellowstone Airport.

Air Idaho has been operating out of Yellowstone Airport for the past two years year-round and seasonally for the previous two years. The new hangar facility will allow them to operate more efficiently and reliably year-round. The hangar can accommodate either one of Air Idaho's rescue helicopters or Pilatus fixed-wing aircraft. The facility also has a crew quarters complete with office space, kitchen, and resting areas.

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