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Spotted Bear Work Session

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Spotted Bear Work Session - Photo courtesy of the Montana Pilots Association and Aeronautics staff.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Montana Aeronautics and several volunteers from the Montana Pilots Association and Recreational Aviation Foundation flew and drove in to Spotted Bear airstrip for the annual work session. Volunteers rolled the runway, painted the outhouse and Runup T, replaced the windsocks, and took care of other routine maintenance. Scott Snelson, the ranger for the Spotted Bear district, met the group and updated everyone on the improvements already made to the airport. He also shared some options for the future with money coming from federal funding sources. The most recent improvements were clearing trees on the approach ends of the runways and removing the road crossing at the approach end of Runway 32. The next scheduled Forest Service work session will be July 17 at Schafer Meadows. Thank you to all pilots and enthusiasts who came to help maintain this amazing resource. We can't wait to see you at Schafer!

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