Attention all Resale Customers

An online service has been established for ordering items through the Resale program. For your convenience, this service will create a faster and more convenient ordering experience. Please note that a vendor provides this website for MDT Aeronautics and therefore additional fees apply. If you do not wish to pay the additional fees for utilizing this online service, orders can still be made by phone or in person at no extra cost. Thank you!

Aeronautics Resale Catalog

Use the Aeronautics Resale Catalog to view pictures of all the items we currently have in stock!

The Montana Aeronautics Division resale program consists of replacement parts that are available for Montana private and public use airports to purchase. The Aeronautics Division keeps an inventory of parts and lamps for runway lighting systems, PAPI and VASI approach lighting systems, airport rotating beacons, windsocks and frames. We also assist airports in locating hard to find parts for old lighting systems and other parts that may be difficult to locate.

For technical assistance and pricing please contact Derrick Olheiser at 406-444-9592 or the MDT Aeronautics Office at 406-444-2506.

ALNACO Beacon Parts

  • Green Lens
  • Clear Lens
  • Ceramic Beacon Lamp Socket
  • Beacon Motor
  • Brush Block Assembly
Example of PAPI light


  • Q1000 PAR 64/NSP Beacon Lamps
  • Q 6.6A/T4/DCR 200W PAPI Lamps
  • OSRAM 200 Watt PAPI Lamps
  • Q200 T4/CL PAPI Lamps
  • Flight Line 200 Watt PAPI Lamp
  • 6.6A PAR 64/2 200 Watt VASI Lamps
  • MVR 400V Metal Halide Beacon Lamps
  • M250U Metal Halide Beacon Lamps
  • 1M/T20 BP 1000 Watt Beacon Lamps
  • 6.6A/T10/1P 30 Watt Med Intensity Rwy Lamps
  • 6.6A/T10/P 45 Watt Med Intensity Rwy Lamps
  • EYC 75 Sign Lamps
  • EXM 45 Watt Lamps
  • EVV 120 Watt Lamps
  • EXL 30 Watt Lamps
  • 25 Watt T8N
  • 15 Watt T7N
  • 25 Watt T8DC
  • 15 Watt T7DC
Example of runway light

Runway Lighting, Low Intensity

  • Clear Lens
  • Blue Taxi-Way Lens
  • Red/Green Threshold Lens
  • Head Assembly
  • Lamp Sockets

Runway Lighting, Medium Intensity

Example of runway light


  • ETES Light Housing ADB
  • ETES Dome Lens Blue ADB
  • ADB= ADB Safegate


  • Lamp Sockets
  • Head Assembly with Clamp & 29" Cable less Lens
  • Red/Green Lens
  • Clear Lens
  • Blue Lens
  • Breakable Coupling 1 1/2" Diameter
  • 30/45 Watt Light Transformers
  • Transformer Can Lids
Example of runway light


  • L861(L) Head Assembly Blue ALC
  • L861(L) Blue Lens W/Wiring ALC
  • L823 Plug W/Cord ALC
  • 17IN Colum ALC
  • ALC=Airport Lighting Company


  • Inner Dome Green
  • Inner Dome Red
  • Clear Outer Dome
A runway cone

Runway Edge Marker Cones


  • Close Your Flight Plan
  • Active Airport
  • Airport Directional Signs With Arrows
Example of a windsock


  • 18-inch Diameter
  • 24-inch Diameter
  • 36-inch Diameter
  • 18-inch Frames