Attention all Pilots and Aircraft Owners

An online service has been established for pilot and aircraft registration. For your convenience, this service will create a faster and more convenient registration experience than in past years. Please note that a vendor provides this website for MDT Aeronautics and therefore additional fees apply. If you do not wish to pay the additional fees for utilizing this online service, registrations can be mailed to the MDT Aeronautics at no extra cost. Thank you and safe flying!

Pilot registration with the Montana Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division is a state law (Montana Code 67, Chapter 3) and a great bargain. The $10.00 pilot registration fee includes our monthly newsletter, Montana and the Sky, and one airport directory.

You can use the Pilot Registration Form below.

Pilot Registration Form

The Search and Rescue (SAR) section of the pilot registration form asks for your emergency locator tracker type and user information in case of an emergency. Also, if you are interested in volunteering your time and/or aircraft for Montana air search and rescue please complete the Search and Rescue registration portion.

If you would like a pilot registration form mailed or emailed to you or you are no longer flying in Montana and want to be removed from our mailing list, please email or call 406-444-2506.