Montana Wildlife & Transportation Partnership - MWTP Project Program & Application

Bighorn sheep walking towards a highway.

Bighorn sheep walking towards a highway. Photo credit: Wes Shifrin

The MWTP Steering Committee developed the MWTP Project Program (Program) as a standardized and collaborative framework to receive and evaluate project proposals. The Program addresses the need for transportation projects specifically dedicated to accommodating wildlife with the collaborative engagement of stakeholders, including leveraging capacity and capital investment. The Program establishes an avenue for public-private partnerships to propose wildlife accommodation projects. The committee will select “stand-alone” wildlife accommodation projects to reduce wildlife-vehicle conflicts and improve safe wildlife passage across Montana highways.

MWTP Project Program Application Guidance Document - includes the Sections and Appendices below

Document Sections and Appendices:
MWTP Project Program Application Guidance Overview
MWTP Detailed Project Application Guidance
Appendix A: Project Application Outline
Appendix B: Project Budget Worksheet Example
Appendix C: Project Application Attachments
Appendix D: Steering Committee Project Selection Criteria

MWTP Project Application Form
Application Cycles open annually in the month of May and November
Please review and understand the Project Program Application Guidance Document and Appendices prior to completing your application. Additional guidance and resources are provided throughout the MWTP website. Fill out the application completely and to the best of your ability. Include relevant attachments as indicated. Incomplete applications may be cause for return to Applicant. Thank you for your interest in addressing wildlife and transportation issues in Montana.

MWTP Project Budget Worksheet Template
Instructions for use of the Project Budget Worksheet Template:

  1. Click on the template link – Do not make any changes to the template
  2. Save the template to your computer under a new name
  3. Complete the project budget worksheet for your project
  4. Upload your completed budget worksheet as a Funding section attachment to your project application for submittal.