Finalized EIS & EA

See also: Current Environmental Documents

Arthur Avenue - Missoula

FONSI | EA & Section 4(f)

Battlefield Rest Area/Interchange



Categorical Exclusion

Belfry-North EA

FONSI | Appendices

EA | Appendix A | B | C | D | E | F | G

Bench Blvd

Categorical Exclusion

Bigfork North & South EA

FONSI | Appendices

EA | Appendix A | B | C | D | E

Billings 6th Ave to Bench Blvd

Categorical Exclusion

Billings Airport Road


Billings Bypass

Record of Decision
Final EIS

Appendix A Resource Maps
Appendix B Agency Coordination
Appendix C Farmland Conversion Impact Rating
Appendix D Cultural Resources
Appendix E Traffic Noise
Appendix F Clean Water Act Section 404(b)(1) Evaluation
Appendix G Public Involvement
Appendix H Interchange and Intersection Concepts
Appendix I Alternatives Report
Appendix J Agency and Public Comments and Responses

Hazardous Materials/Substances Initial Site Assessment
Biological Resources Report
Biological Resources Report Addendum
Supplemental Agency Coordination Materials
Combined Traffic Reports
Coordination Plan for Agency & Public Involvement

Billings Bypass – Five Mile Road Segment

FEIS Re-evaluation

Billings Bypass – Yellowstone River Bridge Segment

Revised Record of Decision
FEIS Re-evaluation
Updated FEIS Re-evaluation

Billings Bypass – Yellowstone River Bridge to Railroad Overpass Segment

FEIS Re-evaluation

Billings Bypass – Railroad Overpass Segment

Revised Record of Decision
FEIS Re-evaluation
Updated FEIS Re-evaluation

Billings Bypass – Johnson Lane Segment

Revised Record of Decision
FEIS Re-evaluation

Brooks/South/Russell Intersection

2002 Re-evaluation of Environmental Assessment | FONSI

Boulder - South

FONSI | EA | Additional documents and information

Brockton East

Categorical Exclusion

Canyon Ferry Road


Conner N&S

FONSI | Appendices | EA

Culbertson East To North Dakota

FONSI | EA & Section 4(f)

Cut Bank RR Overpass


Fairfield to Dupuyer Corridor Study

Record of Decision | EIS | Appendix A | B | C

Flathead River - 3km East of Kalispell

Final Categorical Exclusion | Final Section 4(f) Evaluation

Four Corners North and Belgrade South

Categorical Exclusion

Gallatin Canyon Slope Flattening/Widening


Grayling Creek - North of US20


I-15 Corridor

Record of Decision | Comments and Responses | EIS | Appendix A | B | C | D

I-90 East Belgrade Interchange


Junction MT85-East


Junction US 2 - North


Kearl Module Transport Project (KMTP)

FONSI - Volume I | II | III | IV | V


Montana Transportation Plan

Appendix 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

Appendix 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Lewistown to Grass Range


Lewistown West Overpass

FONSI | EA | Comments and Responses

Marysville Road Improvement Project

FONSI | EA & Section 4(f)

MDT/CSKT Land Exchange


Middle Fork Flathead River – SE Essex

FONSI | EA & Section 4(f)

Miles City Street Projects

FONSI | Appendices

Miller Creek

Record of Decision

Final EIS

Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Purpose and Need
Chapter 2: Alternatives
Chapter 3: Affected Environment
Chapter 4: Environmental Consequences and Mitigation
Chapter 5: Comments and Coordination
Chapter 6: List of Preparers
Chapter 7: List of Recipients


Cover and Table of Contents
Appendix A: Agency Coordination
Appendix B: Public Involvement
Appendix C: List of Technical Reports
Appendix D: Draft Section 404(b)(1) Evaluation
Appendix E: Comments and Responses on Draft EIS

Missoula Primary Sidewalk Network


North Reserve Street/Mead Land Exchange, Missoula and Mineral Counties


North Reserve Street

Environmental Assessment

Paradise East (East Section) Dixon

EA - Request a hard copy of this report

Red Lodge North


Redstone East & West

FONSI | EA & Section 4(f)

Rockvale to Laurel

Record of Decision | FEIS

Rouse Avenue - Bozeman

FONSI | EA & Section 4(f)

Russell Street/South 3rd Street - Missoula

Re-Evaluation February 2015 | Record of Decision | FEIS

Sula – North


Shiloh Road Corridor

FONSI | EA & Section 4(f)

Townsend South

FONSI | EA & Section 4(f)

Two Medicine Bridge


US2, Columbia Heights to Hungry Horse

1995 FEIS

Document w/o appendices
Document by section

Purpose and Need for Action
Affected Environment
Environmental Consequences
Final Section 4(f) Evaluation
Comments and Coordination
Comments and Coordination con't.

1995 Record of Decision
2002 Re-evaluation

US2, Havre to Fort Belknap EIS

Record of Decision | EIS Volume 1 | EIS Volume 2 | 2009 Re-evaluation | 2012 Re-evaluation

US2 Swamp Creek

EA (1989) | Re-evaluated EA (1994) | Re-evaluation letter (2001) | Re-evaluation Addendum (2006)

US 89, Belt North & South


US89, Browning to Hudson Bay Divide FEIS

Record of Decision | FEIS & Section 4(f) | Appendices

US93, Evaro to Polson EIS

EIS Volume I & II (June 1996)

US93, Ninepipe/Ronan Improvement Project

Record of Decision May 2008
SEIS & Section 4(f) February 2008 | Appendices
1744013 Ronan Urban Re-Evaluation April 2016
     1744019 Ronan-North Re-Evaluation March 2022
     1744019 Ronan-North Re-Evaluation December 2022

US93, Hamilton to Lolo EIS

Record of Decision | EIS | Appendices

US93, Somers to Whitefish West EIS

REIS - Whitefish West

REIS - Kalispell Bypass | Record of Decision | EIS

West Yellowstone Airport Terminal

EA | Appendices

Yellowstone River - NE of Livingston

FONSI | EA & Section 4(f)

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