Applying for an Internship? View How to Fill Out Onboarding Paperwork.

Earn While You Learn

Montana Department of Transportation offers summer internships!

To be eligible, students must:

  • be enrolled in a college, university, or technical school; or be within 6 months of graduation date
  • have completed at least 60 academic credits or 30 credits if enrolled in technical school; and
  • be in good academic standing.

Work Schedule & Job Locations

Internships start in mid-May and run through mid-August.

Typically 40 hour work weeks, Monday - Friday.

Internships are available across Montana. Locations vary depending on department needs and upcoming projects.

Salary & Benefits

Pay is dependent upon credit hours. Salary range is posted on the job listing.

University Credit

Academic credit for internships is governed by the university. MDT provides any information the university needs for students to receive credit.


Interns cannot become permanent employees without applying for permanent positions. That said, internships are an excellent way to gain job experience and boost employability.

Finding and Applying for an Internship

A full list of employment opportunities at MDT are listed on the Current Openings page.

Here are some open internship positions for the 2024 year:

Check out each job posting above for specifics about the internship.