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Utilities Permitting Administration System

Questions & Answers

Do I have to be registered with State EPass to have access to MDT UPAS?

Yes, you must be a registered user of the EPass before accessing MDT UPAS.

If I’m having difficulty with completing an application in UPAS, how do I get help?

Need assistance or have a question regarding the UPAS system, .

Why is there a $100.00 fee to utilize UPAS?

The $100.00 technology fee is paid to the contractor directly to keep the maintain the system and house the data on the cloud.

Will UPAS have historical prior permit information?

MDT is working with the vendor and we are trying to figure a way to load the historical permits from the early 1900’S thru December 31, 2019 onto the system.

Who should complete submit the application?

Members of your company or associates that are in your Organizational units.

Who should setup users that are associated with the Organization?

The Organizational owner should manage and add users. If you need assistance setting up your Organizational, please contact Ed Matthews 444-6067.

Can I still submit a paper application?

No, but if unforeseen problems arise, contact the local District Utility Agent for help with filling out the application on UPAS.

Is there training available?

Yes, call your local District Utility Agent or contact the UPAS support team for possible online or onsite training. There are also training videos and step by step guides available for viewing on the UPAS landing page.

How should a project be submitted if it involves known environmental concerns?

Call the District DUA for advice on if the permit should possibly be broken into separate permits. Separating a permit could help with work efficiency and/or a possible delay of a project due to environmental reasons.

How often do I need to take a survey shot?

The horizontal and vertical position and corresponding accuracy levels shall be obtained at each distinct feature, horizontal bends, vertical bends, points of deflection, and at specific points or intervals as needed to ensure the Positional Accuracy requirements stated in Chapter 43 of the Utilities manual for urban and rural are met.

What if need more time than 90 days to submit the as-built data?

Consult with your DUA and establish a timeline for submitting the as-built data. This will ensure the other permits submitted by the said utility will not be placed on hold.

Does a PE or PLS must stamp the as-builts?

APE or PLS do not have to stamp the as-builts for projects whether they are surveyed under the rural or urban accuracy levels. A company representative can certify the as-built data. A company that uses a PE or PLS will not be subjected to a department audit and inspection of the as-built data and will be reimbursed at cost share for survey costs related to a highway relocate project. If a company representative certifies the data, MDT can audit the as-built data and the company will not be reimbursed for survey costs on a highway relocate project.

Are the as-builts accuracy requirements different for Urban areas vs Rural areas?

Yes, they are:
• ASCE As-built requirements of positional accuracy level 3 is required for X, Y (Easting, Northing) and a positional accuracy level 4 applies for Z in all Urban boundary designated areas.

• Minimum requirements for Rural designated areas are ASCE positional accuracy of Level 5 for X, Y and Z.

Positional Accuracy Level Positional Accuracy1
(English Units) Positional Accuracy1,2
(SI Units)
1 0.1 feet 25 mm
2 0.2 feet 50 mm
3 0.3 feet 100 mm
4 1 foot 300 mm
5 3 feet 1000 mm
0 Indeterminate

You can locate Urban areas by going to the Urban maps page for Functional Classification Maps)