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The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) Research Programs serve to discover, develop, and extend knowledge and products needed to operate, maintain, and improve the statewide multi-modal transportation system. MDT conducts research in line with MDT’s mission to serve the public by supporting a transportation system and services that emphasize quality, safety, cost effectiveness, economic vitality, and sensitivity to the environment.

What We Do:

MDT’s Research Program section consists of several programs.

Research Projects solve MDT’s transportation problems and improve efficiency and effectiveness of operational activities. Projects can be initiated through idea submission or partnering projects (also called Pooled Funds).

Experimental Features are conducted in conjunction with construction or maintenance projects to evaluate various materials and methods. Construction or maintenance funds pay for the installation of an experimental feature, which is then evaluated for performance and implementation potential by Research staff.

MDT Library functions within the Department’s Research program to capture and make accessible transportation-related information, particularly that which relates to the needs of MDT staff. Our collection contains over 20,000 titles in various formats. All of MDT’s final research reports are included, and we have a comprehensive collection of publications from the Transportation Research Board and the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, as well as reports from state, national, and international transportation organizations.

Technology Transfer is the sharing of information with MDT staff and the transportation community as a whole through reports, both MDT’s and those from other agencies; library and library services; surveys; Research newsletter; presentations; literature searches; and the Research web site. For more information, please visit the links under “Tech Transfer” on the right-hand side of the page.

Funding for the Montana Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) is also managed by MDT Research section.

Contact Us:

Rebecca Ridenour, Supervisor | Vaneza Callejas, Research | Chad DeAustin, Experimental Projects | Kaia Rosen, Librarian