About the Library

The Montana Department of Transportation's (MDT) Library functions within the Department’s Research program to capture and make accessible transportation-related information, particularly that which relates to the needs of MDT staff. Our collection contains over 20,000 titles in various formats. All of MDT’s final research reports are included, and we have a comprehensive collection of publications from the Transportation Research Board and the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, as well as reports from state, national, and international transportation organizations.


Anyone can search our catalog (see link below). Many of the resources we have included are freely available online and can be accessed through the catalog. To check out our print or audiovisual materials, however, you must be a registered patron. If you are not a registered patron or are not sure, please complete the Library Patron Registration Form.

Library Catalog and Resources

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If you are having trouble finding what you need, contact us at MDT Research.