When will construction take place?
Construction is tentatively planned for 2024 and 2025 depending on completion of design and availability of funds.

MT 200 Bridge Project Anticipated Schedule

What type of bridge will be constructed?
The team is reviewing the needs of each site to identify the best type of structure for each location. Single-span bridge, multi-span bridge, box culvert, and pipe culvert options are being considered for each site; it is possible that different structure types will be used at different locations throughout the project to provide the best solution to each location’s challenges.

MT 200 Bridge Project Anticipated Schedule

Who is working on this project?
This project is a joint effort between the Montana Department of Transportation and other local, state, and federal resource agencies. This project is being delivered as a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) project, which means that a contractor (Kiewit) is engaged as the construction manager during the design phase to provide constructability reviews. In this role, they work closely with the owner (MDT) and design engineer (DOWL) to streamline project delivery. As the project transitions to construction, the contractor’s role shifts to general contractor.

Why do the structures need to be replaced?
Toward the goal of Vision Zero, these bridges are being replaced to keep the traveling public safe. Because of the advanced deterioration and the load-posting restrictions of the current structures, rehabilitation is not practical. Nine of the bridges were constructed prior to 1940; the timber structures are reaching the end of their useful and serviceable life.

Will livestock passages be maintained?
The Montana Department of Transportation plans to maintain or improve wildlife/livestock passage where appropriate.

What is the funding source?
Funding for this project is through the National Highway Block Grant Program, administered by the Federal Highway Administration, which provides funding to States and localities for transportation improvement projects.

Who can I contact with other questions or comments?
Please feel free to call 833-377-0453 or email mt200XYZdowlABCcom with any questions or comments. Regular project update emails are also available, by request. Project information and updates will be posted to the project website, https://www.mdt.mt.gov/pubinvolve/mt200lewistown/.