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Fleet Fueling

Wright Express (WEX) Fueling Program

photo of the WEX Fueling Program card

Motor Pool is currently contracted with Wright Express (WEX) for the fleet fueling program. WEX provides a credit card assigned to each individual unit in our Motor Pool fleet. The cards are used to pay for fuel, minor repairs (windshield wipers, wiper fluid, oil, flat tire repair or replacement), emergency services, and Prevent Maintenance (PMI).

Lost or Stolen Cards

If the WEX card is missing from your vehicle, please contact the Motor Pool immediately at 406-444-2705. A new card will be ordered and will be shipped within 24 hours of notification.

If you lost your card and need to purchase fuel, you will need to either pay for the fuel and turn in a receipt or you may request the vendor to send a bill to:

Montana Department of Transportation
Attn: Jeff Olsen
PO Box 201001
Helena, MT 59620-1001

Depending on your fueling location, the vendor may or may not bill the department directly. Please be prepared to pay for the fuel. A receipt will be required for reimbursement. Please make sure that the vehicle license number is noted on the receipt.

If you have questions regarding the fueling program for the Motor Pool, please contact Jeff Olsen at 406-444-6319.