Road Weather Information System

Please note: At night, the camera images will appear black and the roadway will not be visible due to a lack of illumination.

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Name Location
Aberdeen Hill I-90 MP 552.3
Alzada US-212 MP 139.4
Arrow Creek Hill I-90 MP 468.6
Avon North MT-141 MP 8.1
Baker MT-7 MP 14.2
Bearmouth I-90 MP 145.8
Beaver Hill I-94 MP 234.8
Biddle Hwy 59 MP 0.9
Big Hole Pass S-278 MP 32
Bohemian Corner JCT MT-19/US-191 MP 66.7
Boulder Hill I-15 MP 170.9
Bowmans MT-200 MP 110.4
Bozeman Pass I-90 MP 321.8
Browning US-2/US89 MP 223.1
Bull Mountain Divide US-87 MP 33.3
Comertown MT-5 MP 13.4
Cow Creek MT-13 MP 19.9
Crystal Creek US-2 MP 53.1
Deep Creek US-12 MP
Dickey Lake US-93 MP 160.2
East Livingston I-90 MP 337.7
East of Denton MT-81 MP 17
Eddie's Corner US-191 MP 39.5
Ekalaka MT-323 MP 46.8
Elk Park I-15 Frontage MP 141.1
Essex US-2 MP 179.9
Flathead River MT-35 MP49
Garrison I-90 MP 174.4
Gary Cooper Bridge I-15 MP 242
Georgetown Lake Hwy 1 MP 25.4
Geyser US-87 MP 23
Government Hill US-12 MP 14.2
Great Falls I-15 MP 274.0
Greenough Hill MT-200 MP 22.1
Hays MT-66 MP 10.5
Helmville MT-200 MP 53.3
Homestake Pass I-90 MP 233
Hungry Horse US-2 MP 142.1
Hysham I-94 MP 60.0
Ingomar US-12 MP 230
Inverness US-2 MP 337.6
Judith Gap US-191 MP 18.6
Karst US-191 MP 55.3
Lame Deer Divide US-212 MP 50.1
Lavina US-12 MP 146.0
Lewistown Divide MT-200 MP 90.3
Lindsay Divide MT-200 MP 296.5
Livingston Wind I-90 MP 331.7
Loma US-87 MP 53.1
Lookout Pass I-90 MP 0.2
Lufborough MT-200 MP 175.3
MacDonald Pass US-12 MP 27.9
Malta South US-191 MP 122.5
McDonalds MT-13 MP 25.5
Monarch Canyon US-89 MP 53.5
Monida Pass I-15 MP 0.3
Navajo MT-5 MP 16.7
Ninemile I-90 MP 81.8
Norris Hill US-287 MP 60
Pendroy US-89 MP 62.6
Poplar US-2 MP 612.9
Prickley Pear I-15 MP 218.6
Raynolds Pass MT-87 MP 1.2
Reed Point I-90 MP 390.8
Rock Springs MT-59 MP 36.5
Rogers Pass MT-200 MP 90.8
Roscoe Hill MT-78 MP 19.0
Saco US-2 MP 502.5
Sieben I-15 MP 216
Sioux Pass MT-16 MP 21
Spokane Creek US-287 MP 55.7
Sunburst I-15 MP 389
Swan Lake South MT-83 MP 47
Sweeney Creek I-94 MP 112.6
Sweet Grass I-15 MP 395.3
Toston Bridge Hwy287 MP 87
Trout Creek Hwy 200 MP 30.9
Two Medicine Bridge US-2 MP 210.7
US2 Stateline US-2 MP 667.1
Yaak Hill US-2 MP 4.8
West Glacier US-2 MP 153.0
Yellowstone River Bridge I-90 MP 452.3

Temporary Project Cameras

Name Location Links
I90 Yellowstone River Project Billings I90 Yellowstone River Project - Billings Montana images
Underpass Avenue - Billings Underpass Avenue - Billings - Billings Montana images

National Weather Service (NWS) Cameras

Name Location Links
Bell Street Bridge Glendive, MT image | weather
Fort Peck Dam Fort Peck, MT image | weather

Adjoining State and Province Cameras

Name Location Links
Idaho - Visit Website
Name Location Links
Camp Creek I-15 MP 185.3 image
China Point I-15 MP 178.5 image
4th of July Summit I-90 MP 28 image
Cataldo I-90 MP 40 image
Lolo Pass US-12 MP 174.4 image
Lost Trail US-93 MP 350.8 image
Upper Lochsa US-12 MP 172 image
Wallace I-90 MP 62.3 image
North Dakota - Visit Website
Name Location Links
Beach I 94 MP 1 image
Bowman US 85 MP 12.2 image
Fryburg I 94 MP 34 image
Marmarth US 12 MP 4.9 image
Medora I-94 MP 23.84 image
Ray US 2 MP 51.3 image
Wyoming - Visit Website
Name Location Links
Buffalo I 90 MP 56.8 image
Dietz I 90 image
Frannie US 310 MP 62.3 image
Gillette I 90 MP 128 image
MT/WY State Line I 90 MP 0.1 images
Ranchester I-90 MP 9.88 images
Sheridan I-90 image
Alberta - Visit Website
Name Location Links
Coutts Hwy 4 image
Warner Hwy 4 image
Stirling Hwy 4 image
Monarch Hwy 3 image
Taber Hwy 3 image
Burdett Hwy 3 image
Whitla Hwy 3 image
Medicine Hat Hwy 1 image
Irvine Hwy 1 image
Suffield Hwy 1 image
Crowsnest Hwy 3 image