Scenic view of interstate 15 (I-15) near Helena, Montana.

Montana is a large state with large potential for the development of renewable energy. MDT has an obligation to the taxpayers to make responsible choices in the investment of resources. Implementing renewable projects can reduce agency operational costs, and those cost reductions can be allocated to other essential agency activities. There are tangible economic benefits associated with renewable resources. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are an efficient source of energy. The PV systems contain no moving parts, are silent, very durable and reliable, and are low maintenance. Wind turbines are increasingly common. Heat pumps are becoming more efficient in cold temperature environments. The proposed study includes the following: (1) Evaluate the cost effectiveness for MDT to invest in renewable energy sources to offset MDT energy use and to increase efficiency. (2) Evaluate MDT identified facilities, buildings and rest areas with highest renewable energy generation potential. (3) Determine electrical and heating loads from historical data sets. (4) Determine the renewable source that has the highest likelihood for success at the buildings, but also rank all renewable resources considered based on lifecycle and economics. Each financial analysis shall include all potential grants or rebate programs. (5) If the evaluation determines a technology that is not PV related is the most economically efficient system, propose a design for a MDT specified office/maintenance building and rest area in collaboration with MDT.

Proposed: Topic Statement
Project Overview

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