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Welcome to the public information site for the U.S. 93 Corridor Study.

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) recognizes the critical importance of the US 93 corridor to the daily lives of area residents and the traveling public.

The corridor provides connections between home and work, school, shopping and as access to the region. The corridor also affects growth, based on the degree to which it provides sufficient capacity, effective access, and safe connections to other routes.  It is with this significance in mind that MDT has selected this corridor as its first corridor planning project.

The purpose of the US 93 Corridor Study (the Study) is to identify the most needed improvements to US 93 between Missoula and Florence that will meet the corridor's operational requirements and user needs for the next 20 years.  The planning process will consider the needs of local residents in the region and the traveling public.  Both the current and future demands of personal and commercial travelers through the region will be considered.

In general, the Study will include a review of existing traffic, land use and environmental conditions, projection of future time-travel needs and potential, and development of corridor purpose, need, and goals. The primary outcome of the study will be the identification of corridor goals and the most appropriate recommended improvements based on available funding and policies to meet corridor and resident needs through 2030.