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Update for May 9-13, 2022

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has resumed construction on the US 2 – Hungry Horse to Stanton Creek project. This project, which started in April 2021, will wrap up by June and result in a freshly paved and improved roadway to Glacier National Park, just in time for the busiest part of tourist season.

Crews will be wrapping up painting of road stripes next week. Thanks for your patience while the roads have been without them over the winter. This work requires consistently dry weather, which is not easy to come by in this part of the Flathead. We were able to start this week and are expecting the work to last 5 total days, ultimately being complete by next week. This work will take place from 7:00 a.m. until dark, Monday through Friday. Stripes need to be painted throughout the entire project area, from Hungry Horse to Stanton Creek, and will result in minimal delays due to slow moving vehicles.

The following week, we expect to start fixing and adjusting guardrail between West Glacier and Stanton Creek. This work will be more involved than the roadway striping and will therefore result in longer delays. Single-lane traffic will be led by pilot cars around equipment throughout the area, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

A staffed hotline is available, offering daily updates. Call 406-207-4484 weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to speak with the project team. The public can also email amyXYZbigskypublicrelationABCcom to receive weekly email updates, or text US2HUNGRYHORSE to 41411 to receive text updates*.

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Project Overview

Completed section of US 2 within project site
Completed section of US 2 within project site

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) will be conducting necessary pavement preservation work on 26.2 miles of US 2 between Hungry Horse and Stanton Creek. The most direct route from Columbia Falls to East Glacier, it is critical that US 2 remain strong and safe for commuters, tourists, business owners and nearby residents. This project preserves the lifespan of the frequently traveled road while also making it safer for motorists and pedestrians.

What’s going to be done?

Enhancements to US 2 include:

Roadway resurfacing. US 2 will be resurfaced largely through cold in place recycling, a sustainable process that recycles and rejuvenates the existing asphalt without additional environmental impacts. Other preservation methods to be used in some sections of the project include mill/fill in isolated areas and microsurfacing.

New pavement markings. Pavement markings will be freshly painted to enhance their visibility.

Upgraded guardrail. New guardrail will replace sections of deteriorating guardrail. New guardrail will be added to particularly narrow sections of roadway.

Additional rumble strips. Rumble strips are the vibrating divots that keep drivers alert. Adding rumble strips will make the road safer for drivers and pedestrians and cyclists who utilize the shoulder.

ADA ramp sidewalk upgrades. Sidewalk ramps and approaches ramps will be upgraded to meet current ADA standards.

Making US 2 Safer

357 crashes have been recorded between 2009 and 2019 on this section of US 2. To address this need and in the spirit of MDT’s Vision Zero, a multipronged initiative with the ultimate goal of eliminating deaths and injuries on Montana highways, centerline and shoulder rumble strips will warn motorists when they begin to depart their lane. New guardrail and concrete barrier will be installed to meet current crash testing standards. New signage and pavement markings will enhance their visibility. Also, the barrier at the Moccasin Creek bridge will be reconfigured so that it will allow more room for turning vehicles to exit the highway.

Preserving Our Highway

Resurfacing is critically needed to prolong the life of US 2. By resurfacing the road in the summer of 2021, future maintenance will be minimized and taxpayer money spared. If the road is not resurfaced, the road surface will begin to deteriorate rapidly and make travel very difficult through this area. In short, completing roadwork now, will save time, money and resources in the future.

Construction Impacts & Delays

The multiple lanes on US 2 through Hungry Horse and Coram will allow us to keep traffic moving in that area. Expect delays of up to 15 minutes.

East of West Glacier is a tight two-lane corridor with little room for traffic. For this reason, work zones between West Glacier and Stanton Creek will require single-lane traffic zones. Expect delays of up to 45 minutes.

Why This Summer?

Although summer is the busiest time for those traveling on US 2 to access Glacier National Park, the construction must occur in warm weather. The environmentally sound process used to refurbish the road has to occur in 65 degrees or warmer. Therefore, construction can only occur during the summer months.

Public Involvement

Keeping businesses, travelers, and residents informed of the upcoming construction is a top priority. MDT has retained Big Sky Public Relations to carry out a robust public awareness plan so all those affected by this project can stay in the loop and offer feedback.

MDT and Big Sky Public Relations are currently holding one-on-one in-person and virtual meetings with those most affected by the upcoming road work. If you believe that you will be impacted by the construction, you are urged to reach out to Amy Aiello at via email.

You can also expect several public events to better inform the community of the upcoming roadwork. Event dates will be posted to this website as they are scheduled. We look forward to hearing from you in the upcoming weeks. Big Sky Public Relations will also be sending update emails each week. If you would like to register, please contact Amy.

Stay in the know

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