Ronan aerial view

Project Overview

The project is located on National Highway Route 5/US Highway 93 on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Lake County and runs through the City of Ronan. The project begins south of Ronan at the intersection of US 93 and Brooke Lane (RP 44.6) and extends north approximately 4 miles through Ronan to Spring Creek Road (RP 48.3).

The proposed project has been nominated to reconstruct approximately 4 miles of NH-5/US 93 to improve the geometrics, increase the level of service, and provide safety improvements. The project will be designed in accordance with the preferred alternative Urban #4 identified in the SEIS/ROD for US Highway 93 Ninepipe/Ronan Improvement Project and the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for US 93 Evaro to Polson.

The project has been split into two segments for design and construction, Ronan-North and US 93-Ronan (Urban). The goal of both projects is to improve the geometrics, increase the level of service, and provide safety improvements.


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The Ronan-North project begins at the intersection of US 93 and Round Butte Road and extends north about 1.7 miles. This project includes:

  • Reconstructing US 93 into four lanes.
  • Starting at Round Butte Rd., US 93 will briefly be two 2-lane segments for roughly 600 feet, then merge to one continuous 4-lane segment through the north end of the project. US 93 northbound and southbound through traffic will utilize the eastern 2-lane segment until the Ronan–Urban project is constructed.
  • New traffic signal at Old US 93 and 3rd Ave.
  • Permanently close Spring Creek Rd. at US 93.
  • New shared-use path that will connect Round Butte Rd. with the existing shared-use path along US 93 to Pablo.

Project area map of Ronan-North
Project area map of Ronan-North


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The Ronan-Urban Project would begin at Brooke Lane and widen the existing road to 3 or 4 lanes, with a center turn lane. In the town of Ronan, US 93 will be changed to a one-way couplet with northbound travel continuing on the existing US 93 and southbound travel moving to 1st Avenue SW which will be reconstructed. Traffic signals will be installed at Eisenhower and Buchanan Streets and at Round Butte Road for both directions of travel. Sidewalk connections will be maintained through town and will connect to pathways to the south and north of the project. The design is approximately 30% complete. Construction is not yet scheduled for this segment which will require right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation along US 93 and on 1st Avenue SW in the town of Ronan.