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Rockvale to Laurel | US 212/310

Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) is building a new roadway for ten miles of US 310 and US 212, south of Laurel. The continuing growth in traffic and reoccurring crashes on this heavily used route as well as a need for better local traffic circulation and access and regional mobility support the need for a new roadway which will be able to be widened to four-lanes in the future. The new roadway will leave the river bottom area and shift west onto the hills to minimize impacts to existing farms, homes and communities. The new road will carry two lanes of traffic on a new alignment, meeting current design standards. The road is planned to be opened in fall of 2018. Access to existing homes, farms and fields will be maintained although it may be in a new location.

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Project Status

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Phase 3 | Fall 2018

Will build and shift traffic onto the new 2-lane road.

Phase 4

Will include the full build-out to 4 lanes and other improvements. This phase has not been selected for construction in MDT’s five-year funding program at this time.

Completed Phases

Phase 1 | Completed 2014

This phase actually abandoned a narrow, skewed underpass beneath the railroad and constructed two new bridges over the railroad, rather than replacing a skewed bridge crossing over the railroad tracks. The MDT Project name was South of Laurel-RR Overpass.

Phase 2 | Completed 2015

Included roadway reconstruction, overhead lighting, turn lanes, and replacement of the flashing beacon at the Rockvale North intersection of US 212 and US 310. The MDT Project name was Rockvale-North (US212/310).