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Active Project - US 212 Reconstruction - Rockvale to Laurel - Project

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US 212 Reconstruction - Rockvale to Laurel

Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has initiated the design and reconstruction of US Highway 212 from Rockvale to south of Laurel. The project follows the preferred alignment as presented in the Record of Decision for the Final Environmental Impact Statement for Rockvale to Laurel, completed in September 2009.

Project Map

This project will reconstruct approximately 10.8 miles of US Highway 212 on a new alignment beginning at milepost 42.1 near Rockvale and continue northeast to milepost 52.7, south of Laurel. This project will be designed and constructed in multiple phases.

Photos of US 212 Reconstruction area

Four individual projects have been identified to facilitate design and construction of improvements along this corridor in phases. The projects are identified below along with the anticipated schedule for construction. All schedules are tentative and dependent on the completion of all project development activities and the availability of funding.

South of Laurel - RR Overpass

Construction Completed:
This project consisted of the replacement of the railroad underpass and full reconstruction of the existing substandard two-lane roadway alignment at the northern end of the project corridor. The underpass has been replaced with a new grade-separated overpass of the BNSF Railway (BNSF) on a new alignment and includes a new two-lane roadway connection back to the existing US 212 alignment approximately one-mile further south. The new roadway consists of a four-lane roadway with depressed median.

Rockvale - North (US 212/310)

Construction Completed:
This project consisted of intersection and roadway improvements for the intersection of US 212 and US 310 at Rockvale. This project included roadway reconstruction, overhead lighting, turn lanes, and replacement of the flashing beacon. The project extends approximately 1.3 miles northeasterly of the intersection where it connects with the existing US 212/310 alignment.

Rockvale - Laurel (2 Lanes)

Construction 2017-2018:
This project will construct a two-lane roadway, with intermittent four-lane segments, between the limits of the Rockvale – North (US 212/310) project and the South of Laurel - RR Overpass project. The project will also construct the earthwork and drainage features for the ultimate roadway template (four lane divided roadway with depressed median). The length of this project is approximately 10 miles.

Rockvale - Laurel (NB Lanes)

Construction 2019 or beyond:
This project represents the construction of the remaining portions of the full build-out 4-lane sections. The overall project limits will correspond with the limits of the Rockvale - Laurel (2 Lanes) project identified above.

Throughout the process, public input is encouraged to meet the needs of all parties involved. To submit a comment please go to the comments page.