Project Overview

MDT is seeking to improve approximately 9.5 miles of roadway in the Malta area.

The Malta – South project will widen US highway 191 to add shoulders and will reconstruct areas where the road is steep or has sharp curves in addition to improving pedestrian facilities. The project starts approximately 9.5 miles south of Malta near South Alkali Creek Road and ends at the south end of the bridge over the Dodson South Canal in Malta.

Safety Concerns

Safety of all travelers is MDT's number one priority. As we work towards Vision Zero, the maintenance and improvement of our roads and paths helps decrease the chance of crashes or fatalities on the road. The Montana Highway Patrol has recorded 28 total crashes in the area during a review of 2008-2017. By upgrading the road and adding pedestrian facilities, we can improve the safety of everyone using this roadway.

Project Benefits

  • Improved safety to reduce the probability of crashes;
  • Improved service to the local communities, agriculture, commerce, and tourism industries
  • New pedestrian facilities including a shared-use path along US 191 for non-motorized travelers.

Important Improvements:

The improvements to the road include:

  • new snow ditches to help with drifting snow;
  • wider shoulders;
  • flatter slopes to improve safety;
  • longer curves and flatter grades;
  • new culverts and industry-standard guardrail;
  • polymer bridge deck overlays; and
  • a new left-turn lane for traffic turning onto Secondary 363.

The improvements to pedestrian facilities include:

  • pavement markings that are visible to people in vehicles and on foot;
  • adding curb 'bulb-outs' to improve pedestrian visibility of oncoming traffic;
  • new pedestrian signals alerting drivers to crossings; and
  • a new separated shared-use path along the west side of US 191 from Secondary 363 to S 9th St.

Right of Way 

This project will require MDT to acquire new right-of-way in the area as there are 55 land parcels adjacent to US 191 within the project limits.

What is right-of-way?

Simply put, right-of-way (ROW) is the ‘rights’ to use a certain piece of land or property. MDT may acquire right-of-way by buying a piece of land, or by buying an ‘easement’ for specific transportation or public utility use (fiber internet, natural gas, power lines, etc.). Generally, these easements are on private property though some are owned by the state, city, or county.

MDT works directly with landowners/managers to ensure the smoothest ROW process as possible.

Engineer to English

Right of way – The right to pass over the land of another; may be easement or fee.

Easement – Permission created by a grant, reservation, agreement, prescription, or necessary document to use another’s land.

Public Utility – companies, individuals, or groups that own and/or operate services to provide power, internet, telephone, water, sewer, etc.

For more information on right-of-way, its associated terms, and to review MDT’s other ROW plans, be sure to visit:

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