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Project Overview

Through the Kalispell ADA project, the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), in partnership with Knife River and WGM Group, will update several sidewalk ramps in the Kalispell area to meet current ADA guidelines.

To minimize disruptions, the majority of this work will be conducted at night between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. Some sidewalk and lane closures will be necessary as work is completed. Work not requiring lane closures may take place during daytime hours. Drivers and pedestrians are encouraged to be mindful of sidewalk and traffic changes during both day and nighttime hours.

The project team will install updated ramp devices, called truncated domes. These devices are metal plated with raised bumps and are easily detected by a cane or foot. Truncated domes alert a pedestrian that they have reached a street corner.

Ramps at street corners, known as curb cuts, make it easier for wheeled devices to transition from the street to the sidewalk. These ramps will ensure greater access for individuals with disabilities, but will also offer benefits for users on bicycles, pushing strollers and carts, or operating a hand truck.

Weekly updates will be provided throughout construction. To sign up for weekly updates, please send an email to kristine@bigskypublicrelations.com

Project Locations and Sequence

The Kalispell ADA project will take place in three zones. Each zone is anticipated to be under construction for up to three months, while some sections will take less time. Some overlap is anticipated as one zone is completed and work begins on the next. Access to businesses will remain open throughout construction.

Zone 1

Anticipated to begin in early-June and completed in early-August

Zone 2

Anticipated to begin in late-July and completed in early October

Zone 3

Anticipated to begin in mid-September and completed in late-October

Project map

Kalispell ADA map

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