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Highway 200 Reconstruction: Jordan to Brockway


Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation is working to reconstruct nearly 37 miles of MT Highway 200 between Jordan and Brockway. Originally built in the early to mid-1900s, the road is long overdue for reconstruction.

MT Highway 200 is very old and wasn’t built to accommodate the larger vehicles that frequently travel the road. A narrow road with slim to nonexistent shoulders creates safety concerns.

Difficulty passing, poor lines of site and too little space for commercial and agricultural vehicles are just a few of these concerns. The road itself will be rebuilt to modern design standards that are safer and more efficient for all of motorists.

It’s a big project and one that has to be done section by section over several years.

Montana Department of Transportation crews and contractors are committed to building a better road with minimal inconvenience to the traveling public.

How will this impact me?

Each construction season, there will be traffic reconfigurations, temporary signals, crews working on the road and greatly reduced speeds. Because of the heavy construction on-site, some short delays of up to 15 minutes may occur. If delays exceed 15 minutes, residents and road users will be informed in advance.

What will this cost?

The project cost to reconstruct nearly 37 miles of MT Highway 200 is estimated at $75 - $95 million. Like most projects managed by the Montana Department of Transportation, the majority of the funding comes from federal sources; usually 86 – 100% of the costs for each project. Up to 13% of the funding will come from Montana Gas Tax funds.

Environmental Considerations

Part of the Montana Department of Transportation’s mission is to provide a transportation system while being sensitive to the surrounding environment. In Montana, our natural resources are an essential part of the landscape. While this project brings Highway 200 up to safe, current standards, the MDT team will focus on minimizing impacts to wildlife and their habitat, wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas. Interested in learning more about how MDT addresses environmental considerations? Contact MDT's Environmental Services Bureau at 406-444-7227.

Little Dry Creek - East

The first section of the Highway 200 Reconstruction project to be completed is Little Dry Creek - East. In the spring of 2021, crews will begin construction on the 7.2-mile segment between the Little Dry Creek Bridge and the Flowing Wells rest stop.

This stretch of roadway will be reconstructed to include:

  • A six-foot-wide shoulder.
  • Rumble strips on the shoulder and center of the road.
  • Additional signage and striping.
  • Wildlife friendly fencing in various areas.

Little Dry Creek project map

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