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Active Project - MDT - I-90 Ramps - Grant Creek Road

I-90 Ramps - Grant Creek Road

Project Overview

The proposed scope for this project includes the reconfiguration of the Grant Creek Road intersection with the Interstate-90 westbound ramps on the north side of the Reserve Street Interchange. On the north side of the intersection, an additional southbound lane will be added to the existing southbound lane on Grant Creek Road, which will match the two existing southbound lanes on the south side of the intersection. This southbound movement on the north side of the intersection will also be modified to include a new southbound bike lane and an additional southbound right-turn lane for vehicle access onto the I-90 westbound entrance ramp. Traffic signal and ADA upgrades will be made at this intersection as well as at the I-90 eastbound ramps & Reserve Street intersection and at the Expressway / Howard Raser Avenue & Reserve Street intersection.

The project has been created due to a collaborative effort between MDT, the City of Missoula, and local citizens. It was originally requested by the local community and the scope has been developed through extensive coordination with them.