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Project Overview

Across Montana, there are thousands of miles of roadway. From dirt roads to interstates, they connect us to work, recreation and to each other. The Montana Department of Transportation is gearing up to improve one of these important roads, the East Reserve Highway (Highway 258), through the Reserve-East project.

The East Reserve Highway is scheduled for an upcoming construction project to improve Reserve-East Highway Project image Athe condition of the roadway, starting just west of the MT 16/Highway 258 intersection and extending eastward approximately 10.5 miles. The project will end near the curve in the road by Dagmar.

The Reserve-East project includes the following improvements:

  • Straightening the junction of MT 16 and Highway 258 so that roads intersect closer to a perpendicular angle.
  • Adding two-foot shoulders and rumble strips throughout the project area.
  • Adjusting the road to improve sight distance, the distance drivers can see farther ahead.
  • Flattening the side slopes throughout the project area.
  • Resurfacing the road to make it a smoother ride.

Project Map

Reserve-East Highway Project map

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Originally constructed in 1947, Highway 258 extending east of Reserve, Montana has required increasing maintenance as the condition of the road has deteriorated over time. The Montana Department of Transportation and Sheridan County recognized the need for improvements on the road and prioritized the project for construction in the 2025 season, assuming funding availability.

Numerous activities still need to occur prior to construction. Project plans are being developed and reviewed by a team of engineers. In late 2022 or 2023, conversations will begin with landowners on right-of-way. Staff will also secure the needed permits for construction and identify a contractor to perform work.

The public is encouraged to come alongside with us throughout the project process so that interested persons remain informed and can provide feedback. Updates will be provided on this project as milestones are reached and will become more frequent during construction. You can reach us by:

Email: Contact project communications manager Sloane Stinson at sloaneXYZbigskypublicrelationsABCcom to subscribe for updates, ask questions, or submit a comment.
Project Hotline: 406-207-4484, answered Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Reserve-East Highway Project Timeline

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