Bitterroot River Bridge

MDT adopted the Vision Zero strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and serious injuries, while increasing safety and mobility for all roadway users. MDT is working toward Vision Zero’s goals by engineering Montana roadways to ensure Montana’s thousands of miles of state roads and highways are built and maintained with safety as the first concern.

To eliminate fatalities and serious injuries on Montana roads, we need everyone to do their part.

  • Drive sober. Never drive impaired, and plan for safe, sober transportation.
  • Buckle up. Every person, every trip, every time.
  • Stay alert. Be rested, put aside distractions, and give your full attention to the task at hand and the road ahead.
  • Slow down. Follow posted speed limits and adjust your driving speed for current conditions. Allow for extra time when traveling in the winter or through a work zone.
  • Share the road. Watch for motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.
  • Move over. It’s the law. Always slow down and move over for stopped emergency responders and vehicles including law enforcement, emergency medical, fire service, maintenance crews and towing operators.
  • Expect the unexpected. Scan your travel area for safety hazards such as wildlife, debris on roadway, disabled vehicles, and decreased visibility.
  • Maintain it. Keep your vehicle in safe running condition.
  • Stay in your vehicle. If you are involved in a crash, stay in your vehicle to minimize the risk of being involved in a secondary severe crash.
  • Secure your load. If you’re towing or hauling with your vehicle, make sure to check all restraints, chains, and other equipment before driving

Together, we can save lives!