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Kalispell Bypass construction Kalispell Bypass aerial shot Kalispell Bypass construction Kalispell Bypass aerial shot Kalispell Bypass construction Kalispell Bypass construction Kalispell Bypass aerial shot Kalispell Bypass construction Kalispell Bypass construction Kalispell Bypass aerial shot

Public Involvement

Kalispell Bypass

What's New

June 27th through July 3rd

Kalispell Bypass in construction

Where: US 2, Old Reserve Drive, Foys Lake Rd Roundabout/Ashley Creek area, 2 Mile Drive, 3 Mile Drive, 4 Mile Dr.

Bridge: Bridge abutment and MSE Wall completion operations for bridge widening at Ashley Creek north of Foys Lake Rd. US 2, 2 Mile Drive, 4 Mile Drive and Old Reserve Drive activities remain on schedule.

Detour: The detour remains open to traffic on 2 Mile Drive however, motorists should expect delays and increased truck traffic crossing the roadway. Travelers should check radio frequency 1610AM and project web site for updated traffic information.

Details: Construction is focused in 6 areas and weather conditions will be dictating construction operations for:

  • Foys Lake Rd roundabout/Ashley Creek Bridge
  • 2 Mile Drive
  • 3 Mile Drive
  • 4 Mile Drive
  • US 2 & Old Reserve Drive

No work operations on Monday, July 4th and Tuesday, July 5th with the possible exception of Maintenance Operations.

Travel Information:

Foys Lake Rd Roundabout/Ashley Creek Area: Bridge work, bridge decking, topsoil placement and concrete work at the intersection with US 2. Motorists should watch for trucks and equipment in the area. No delays.

Two Mile Drive Area: Detour remains open to traffic. There will be activity on the bridge with increased truck traffic in and out of the area. Topsoil placement, bridge work and concrete work will be taking place. A traffic signal and flaggers will be present and motorists traveling the 2 Mile Drive area should watch for trucks crossing the detour. No delays.

Three Mile Drive Area: Traffic signal at 3 Mile Drive and Stillwater Road for special borrow hauling, noise wall installation operations. Motorists should expect increased truck traffic entering and exiting the area. No delays.

Four Mile Drive Area: Bridge work operations and back-fill activitiy is expected in the 4 Mile Drive area. Motorists should watch for reduced speeds and increased truck traffic. No delays.

Old Reserve Drive Area: Curb work and topsoil hauling operations are expected to take place. Motorists should watch for increased truck traffic. Signals and flaggers may be present directing traffic for each lane. Motorists should anticipate one-lane traffic in each direction. Expect delays.

US 2 Area: On-going bridge decking operations and beam setting are expected to take place . Full traffic signals will be present for sidewalk, retaining wall and concrete slope protection construction. Motorists should expect one-lane traffic in each direction. Expect delays.

Motorists are reminded to travel at posted speeds and obey all posted signs and watch for workers in the construction zones. Fines double in work zones. The public is reminded to stay clear of work areas and construction zones. If you witness trespassing through work areas or construction zones, please notify Flathead Law Enforcement officials immediately.

For further information, please tune in to local Flathead radio stations or radio frequency 1610 AM for weekly updates. For those interested in receiving weekly updates via email, please submit a request .

Questions or concerns may be addressed by calling LHC of Kalispell at 406-758-6400 or 406-858-0303 or by .