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CEO of Neptune Aviation Services, Ronald Hooper, to Speak at Aviation Conference

Feature Story image - CEO of Nepture Aviation Services Ronald Hooper
Photo Credit: Ronald E. Hooper. Neptune Aviation Services, CEO

Ron spent 41 years working for the United States Forest Service (USFS). His first ten years with the USFS were spent in the wildland firefighting function; beginning as a ground firefighter, spending a season as a smokejumper, and finally filling a number of aerial firefighting positions. Ron then spent 20 years as a Contracting Officer for the USFS and which included performing as the Contracting Officer on the USFS large airtanker contracts at one point. He then advanced into leadership positions with the USFS including being the National Director of Contracting and finally retired as the Associate Deputy Chief for Business Operations in the USFS. Ron also spent one year on loan from the USFS to work on Senator Conrad Burns’ personal staff handling natural resource issues for the Senator.

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