Roundabout Reminders

When driving a roundabout, slow down, look left, and travel to your exit.

How to navigate a single lane roundabout

Driving a Double-Lane Roundabout

If you are in a roundabout with multiple lanes, follow the same guidelines. Choose the lane you need to travel in based on the exit you want to take. Never change lanes in a roundabout.

How to navigate a double lane roundabout

Trucks and Large Vehicles

The inside section of the roundabout with patterned concrete is called the truck apron. It is designed for large vehicles to drive on. It is specially designed with a flat slope and low height for low-clearance vehicles and trailers.

Video: Truck Aprons

Bikes and Pedestrians

Vehicles are required to yield to pedestrians. All pedestrians must cross at the designated crosswalks and should never cross through the center island. Cyclists may take the lane or dismount and walk.

Video: Bikes and Walkers

Roundabout Reminders text

For more information about driving a roundabout, download and share the Roundabout Reminders Reference Card.