Roundabout FAQs

Approach the roundabout as you would a typical four-way intersection. Be in the right-hand approach lane if you intend to turn right, be in the left-hand approach lane if you intend on making a left or U-turn, and any approach lane is OK if you are proceeding straight.

No, do not stop except to avoid a collision. You have the right-of-way over entering traffic.

Exit the roundabout as you would a typical four-way intersection. If you made a right-turn, use the outside (right) exit lane. If you made a left or U-turn use the inside (left) exit lane. If you went straight, use whichever lane you were in when approaching the roundabout. As you exit the roundabout, watch for vehicles to your outside that may continue to circulate around the roundabout.

Factors that determine the size of a roundabout generally include the amount of traffic, the size of the largest vehicle, and an appropriate travel speed.

No. The choice of using a roundabout versus a traffic signal is a case-by-case decision.

No. You must drive in the proper lane. If you are turning left, enter from the left lane and travel in the inner lane of the roundabout. If you are turning right, enter from the right lane and travel in the outer lane of the roundabout. If you are driving straight through the roundabout, you may enter from either the left lane or the right lane. Do not change lanes within the roundabout.

Yes. The roundabout is designed so that large trucks can stay within their lane.

If you have not yet entered the roundabout, let the emergency vehicle pass you. If you are in the roundabout, continue on and exit as normal, then pull to the right where there is room for the emergency vehicle to pass. Do not stop inside the roundabout because you may block the emergency vehicle.

A number of communities in snowy areas have installed roundabouts. All have indicated that while there are some changes at first for snowplow crews, there are generally no major problems with snow removal in roundabouts. Often one truck will start on the truck apron and plow around the roundabout to the outside, while another truck will plow each entry and exit, pushing the snow to the outside. Roundabouts also make it easier to turn snowplows.