Montana Department of Transportation

Flashing Yellow Arrows

The Montana Department of Transportation is implementing a new left-turn signal for safer, more efficient left turning at signalized intersections. The new flashing yellow arrows will soon replace solid green lights at certain intersections.

overhead traffic light

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More information about the new signals is provided in our Flashing Yellow Left-turn Arrows Brochure.

A Better Left-turn Signal

The flashing yellow arrow has been making its debut across the United States. You may have seen the new signal used in other states already. In this video, the reason for the change is clear:

Flashing yellow arrows offer a safer way to handle traffic turning left at busy intersections.

Where are they in Montana?

MDT will introduce the new left-turn signal on some of its projects. Watch for flashing yellow left-turn arrows at these locations:

Flashing Yellow Arrows in Montana
Bench Boulevard
Bench Blvd. & Wicks Ln.
Bench Blvd. & Main St.
West Bozeman Interchange
Bozeman Interchange & 7th Ave.
Bozeman Interchange & Oak St.
Benton & Lyndale
US 12 at Carter Dr.
US 12 at 18th St.
MT 35 JCT S-206
US 2 & Spring Creek (Sunset)
U.S. 93 & Memory Lane/Ridgewater Drive
(not an MDT project)
Whitefish West
Baker Ave. & Wisconsin Ave. & Edgewood Pl.
West Yellowstone (2014)
Yellowstone River
Yellowstone Ave. & Canyon St.