Montana Department of Transportation


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ADA Improvements

Learn More about the ADA Improvements Across the State of Montana

The Montana Department of Transportation is updating sidewalk corners on city streets across the state of Montana. Improvements to sidewalk corners will allow all users to get on and off sidewalks with more ease. These improvements will bring sidewalk access into compliance with the revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Improvements will allow greater access for everyone.

The Montana Department of Transportation has established an accessibility baseline for transportation systems. The Transition Plan outlines the methods to ensure MDT offers access to programs and services. The full ADA Transition Plan is available through MDT’s Office of Civil Rights.

Montana is a large state that accommodates many user groups. The ADA Transition Plan helps guide MDT in providing accessibility improvements across the state. From St. Regis to Glendive, Montana communities are benefitting from this commitment to accessibility.