Treatment/DUI Courts

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In Montana a treatment court is a court docket within a district court or court of limited jurisdiction (i.e., city, municipal or justice’s court). The court specializes in overseeing cases (adult criminal, DUI offenses, juvenile, veteran, mental health or civil child abuse and neglect cases) involving persons who are alcohol or other drug dependent and/or involve mental illness. The intent of treatment court is to change the behavior of alcohol/drug dependent offenders.

Treatment courts reduce recidivism and substance abuse among participants and successfully rehabilitate them through:

  • Treatment for alcohol and drug abuse
  • Mandatory and frequent drug testing
  • Use of appropriate sanctions and incentives
  • Continuous judicial oversight

Treatment / DUI Courts in Montana

The Office of Court Administrator oversees Montana general fund appropriations for treatment courts throughout Montana and has staffed dedicated in treatment court oversight. OCA offers a variety of resources including a website dedicated to treatment courts and peer review assistance information.

Treatment Courts in Montana

DUI Court Funding

MDT utilizes National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) funding for dedicated DUI Courts operation and training. Through the Montana State Highway Traffic Safety Section, DUI Courts apply for funding through MDT annually. MDT currently funds five dedicated DUI Treatment Courts. For additional information on funding for traffic safety projects go to our Grants page.

MDT funded DUI Courts
7th Judicial District Honorable Olivia Rieger
12th Judicial District Honorable Kaydee Snipes Ruiz
13th Judicial DistrictHonorable Mary Jane Knisely
Butte Justice Court Honorable James Kilmer
Missoula Justice Court Honorable Landee Holloway


Jeff Kushner, State Drug Court Coordinator
Office of Court Administrator
Montana Supreme Court
406-202-5352 | Email

Kevin Dusko, Program Manager
State Highway Traffic Safety Section
406-444-7411 | Email