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Vision Zero Focus

The CHSP's approach to improving safety on our roadways is comprehensive and focuses on the four key traffic safety disciplines known as the "4Es":

  • Education through training programs and activities, public information, and traffic safety outreach campaigns,
  • Enforcement of Montana's traffic laws and deterrence including changing driver's understanding of law enforcement, prosecution and adjudication penalties, and the impact on victims and survivor families and friends.
  • Emergency medical response to support the essential role of emergency services in reducing severity of injury outcome and to ensure technologies and systems are adequately funded and equipped to respond to crashes.
  • Engineering of Montana's roadways to ensure best practices are implemented and maintained with safety as the priority.

Safety Partners

Safety Partners collaborate to reach Vision Zero

MDT and safety partners work together to reach Vision Zero by analyzing crash data and focusing on crash factors where there is the greatest opportunity to save lives in Montana.

The four emphasis areas identified through the data driven CHSP process are:

  • Roadway Departure and Intersection-related Crashes considers FHWA's Proven Safety Countermeasures to reduce roadway departure and intersection-related fatal and serious injury crashes.
  • Impaired Driving considers NHTSA's Countermeasures That Work and focuses on addressing driver behavior.
  • Unrestrained Vehicle Occupants considers NHTSA's Countermeasures That Work and focuses on both driver and passenger behavior.
  • Emergency Response – Post-Crash Care focuses on the safety of emergency responders and the reduction of morbidity and mortality of Montana motor vehicle crash victims.

The Big Picture

relationship of Montana's CHSP with Agency Safety Plans & ProgramsClick for a larger view.

MDT is working together with many agencies and partners to improve safety in Montana. Each has missions and plans that guide their individual programs. The Montana Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan (CHSP) aligns these programs with a common vision and goal to allow for better collaboration and coordination.

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A Closer Look

The CHSP is comprehensive in the sense that it encompasses the programs of multiple agencies and jurisdictions throughout the state. Each entity has a role in the development of the plan but retains authority over the elements for the plan that are within their jurisdiction. Participating agencies form a collaborative partnership in reducing highway crashes, injuries and deaths.

Montana has integrated two key elements in all safety emphasis areas:

  1. Improve the accuracy, completeness, integration, timeliness, uniformity, collection, and accessibility of data used in traffic safety analysis; and
  2. Collaborate across agencies, organizations and with the public to improve traffic safety, driver behavior, and promote the Vision Zero.

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