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You've heard that wearing a seat belt can save your life. And you know that it's the law. But did you know that wearing your seat belt can also protect your wallet and even your friends?

Here are 10 reasons to wear a seat belt that you might not have thought about.

pile of money

10. You can't afford the consequences

Okay, maybe you have $4.1 million sitting around in case you die in a car accident … or $25,300 to cover the costs of a relatively minor injury. But most people don't. Those are the average comprehensive costs of productivity losses, car damages, uninsured medical expenses and such, according to the National Safety Council.

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9. Rollover? Roll with it

In a rollover crash, you're 12 times more likely to be ejected if you're not wearing a seat belt. People who are ejected in a rollover are five times more likely to die. Add it up and you see why your best chance of surviving a rollover is to wear a seat belt.

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8. Most of your friends wear them

In Montana, we pride ourselves on taking personal responsibility. That includes choosing to be safe when driving or riding in a motor vehicle. No wonder that the vast majority of people buckle up every time they get into a vehicle.

two teen girls being unsafe drivers

7. Some (other) drivers aren't safe

Somewhere in Montana, right now, there may be someone driving distracted. Is he driving in your direction? Do you want to find out the hard way?

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6. Everyone makes mistakes

You might think you're the safest driver on the road (or that the person driving you is). But if you're not wearing a seat belt … well, that's not very safe.

law enforcement officer pulling someone over

5. Patrols are increased

Montana Highway Patrol officers are on high alert at this time of year. Do you really want to risk a ticket just because you're not in the mood to buckle up?

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4. Say buh-bye to the ding-ding

We're with you. That ding-ding noise that your car makes is so annoying when you haven't buckled up. Fortunately, there's a super easy way to make it go away.

car wreck with first responders all around it

3. It's no fun to hurt a friend

Everybody else in your car is buckled up, but you refuse? Now you're the biggest danger in the vehicle. In a crash, your body can injure or crush other passengers even if they're buckled up.

airbags that were deployed in a crash

2. Airbags don't do much without a belt

Airbags are designed to supplement, not replace your seat belt. Airbags won't even deploy in certain types of crashes; and when they do, they can increase the risk of spinal injuries if you're not wearing a seat belt, according to a study published in Spine.

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1. Your friends want to see you tomorrow

They know to wear their seat belts every time they get into a car. And they'll be glad to know you're wearing yours.