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Load & Speed Restrictions

June 18, 2021 at 02:00 AM

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT, in accordance with the provisions of Section 61-10-128, MCA, the following sections of public highway are, or will be, limited or otherwise restricted to traffic for certain classes of vehicles for an indeterminate period from the effective date of this order. These restrictions will be removed by proper authority at such a time as road and weather conditions permit.

THIS ORDER shall cancel and supersede any previous order in conflict herewith provided; however, this order shall not supersede any restrictions now in force covering bridges upon the section of highway concerned. No notice will be issued if restrictions remain unchanged.

CREDIT for tires will be based on nominal tire markings.

Load Restrictions

Load limit single axle 8 tons, tandem axle 16 tons, 400 lbs per inch width of tire. However, at no time will the weight exceed 16000 lbs per single axle and 32000 lbs per tandem axle. Speed limit as posted.

MT-323 Ekalaka to Alzada - Mile Post 0 to 70.9
Effective November 18, 2019
Ekalaka to Alzada
S-261 - Mile Post 13.4 to 25.8
Effective March 07, 2016
County gravel portion of S-261 MP 13.4 to MP 27.6 The weight restriction has been lifted on the paved portion of S-261. The restriction is still in effect on the gravel portion of S-261 MP 13.4 to 27.6

Speed Limit Restrictions

Important Notes:

NO Overweight Permits are to be issued on highways with above load or speed restrictions. The 10% allowance provision of 61-10-144 MCA is not allowed (see policy for exceptions).

Speed Restrictions:

ALL SPEEDS will be limited to MAXIMUM LEGAL SPEED, or to a lower rate of speed as posted in areas where speed restrictions are imposed. Strict compliance with speed restrictions will be enforced. 600 pounds per inch width of tire will be allowed on the front axle, regardless of the seasonal load limit in effect.


Further detailed information regarding these restrictions may be secured from the Helena Maintenance Office of The Montana Department of Transportation by phoning (406)444-6372.