Always up to date live Interactive Maps can be found here: Highway Systems | Functional Class

The Town Maps listed below are current as of January 2019. They are constructed in ArcGIS 10.6.1 using ArcMap. Esri, Inc. Please contact Geospatial Information for any questions at 406-444-6404.

  • The copyrighted¬© planimetric general unincorporated Town maps show public roads on a land grid of township, range and section lines. These maps do not imply roadway ownership or maintenance responsibility. Cultural features adjacent to roads are displayed by symbols. The maps also indicate managed areas by owner, lakes, reservoirs, streams, canals/ditches, and, railroads.
  • You can interact with the maps by following the PDF Map instructions. The instructions include information on turning layers on and off, finding features in the map, identifying additional road attributes, finding your location on the map in longitude/latitude, and taking a snapshot.
  • County Maps and Urban Maps and Incorporated City Maps are also available.