bike traveling on bike path next to roadway


Share the Road is a simple but important concept. Motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are all responsible for safety on Montana’s roadways. Whether driving, bicycling, or walking, everyone must take care, because a collision with a motor vehicle and a bicycle or pedestrian is often deadly. Paying attention, following traffic laws, and extending common courtesy will result in a safer environment for all travelers.

Share the Road is an integral part of MDT’s Vision Zero, moving toward zero deaths and zero injuries on Montana’s roads. MDT’s Share the Road Program provides information and resources to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety, with the end goal of eliminating bicycle and pedestrian fatalities.

Share the Road bumper stickers, safety quick tip handouts and "Kids Walking and Bicycling in Montana!" coloring and activities booklets are available upon request from MDT.

MDT Resources

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