Bicycling Montana's Highways

Woman bicycling in Glacier

Biking in Montana is a wonderful adventure and there are great places to discover. As you plan your trip, you might find the Bicycling Montana's Highways packet helpful. This packet is designed for long distance cyclists riding on Montana highways. You can order one online using our request form.

The Bicycling Montana Highways Packet includes:

  • Bicycling the Big Sky Map – a highway map that provides information on shoulder widths, rumble strips and grades.
  • Montana Official Highway Map
  • Montana Bicycle Laws Pocket Reference
  • Montana Office of Tourism’s Guidebook

For general Montana tourism information, including recreational trails, please visit Montana Office of Tourism's website.

Important Things to Keep In Mind


Weather conditions in Montana can change dramatically without notice. While the early summer can be quite pleasant with daytime temperature ranges in the high 60's to low 70's, nighttime lows are often in the 40's or even 30's.

For your safety and comfort, you should be prepared for a variety of weather conditions including thunderstorms and high winds. Current weather forecasts, including any severe storm alerts, can be found on our weather information page.

Road Conditions

There are always maintenance and construction projects during the bicycle-touring season. Statewide road condition and construction zone reports are available daily online or by dialing 511 or 1-800-226-7623.

You're in Montana

When planning a long-distance cycling trip in Montana, it is important to keep in mind the distance between rest areas and accommodations. Montana is a vast state with stretches of roadway that are hundreds of miles away from any services. For this reason, it is extremely important to come prepared. Items such as food, water, tire repair kits, flashlights, and so on are primary items that you should always carry on your bicycle. It is also important to remember that Montana is home to many wild animals, and you should never approach any wildlife that you may encounter.