This project was completed under the Traffic Safety Culture Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) project TPF-5(309). For more information on this TPF please visit the Traffic Safety Culture webpage.

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Growing proactive traffic safety is a novel approach that strategically shifts our focus to the engagement of the larger majority of safe road users to influence the behaviors of the smaller group engaging in risky behaviors. Previous research sponsored by the Traffic Safety Culture Pooled Fund to understand traffic safety citizenship revealed a variety of opportunities to bolster proactive traffic safety to reduce traffic crashes and fatalities. However, in order for state highway safety agencies and stakeholders to embrace this strategic approach, information learned from research must be translated to practice. This final report provides the final drafts of four proactive traffic safety communication tools that can be used to communicate and integrate proactive traffic safety into existing traffic safety efforts. The communication tools include: a proactive traffic safety primer, PowerPoint presentation, conversation guide, and poster.