The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program, under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), intends to establish a nationwide network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers that support access and reliability for all users. Montana is expected to receive approximately $43 million dollars over the next five years for Direct Current (DC) Fast chargers to be installed along designated Alternative Fuel Corridors (AFC).

Montana’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Deployment Plan

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) in coordination with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) developed Montana’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Deployment Plan (Plan). This plan is a requirement to obtain EV infrastructure funding through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program from the 2021 BIL.

The plan was developed in accordance with guidance from the US DOT Joint Office of Energy and Transportation regarding the NEVI Formula Program. MDT and DEQ also held meetings with 156 total stakeholders to gather input and to share plan development prior to submittal to meet the federal requirements. This included focusing the plan on several important areas such as Deployment, Justice40, Labor/Workforce, Cybersecurity, etc. MDT and DEQ also hosted a NEVI Program informational webinar.

The goal of the Federal NEVI Formula Program is to create a national network of EV chargers by 2030, providing convenient, reliable, affordable, and accessible charging for all EV drivers. The Plan is intended to help bolster economic development, tourism, and workforce development in communities across Montana.

Alternative Fuel Corridors

The Agencies submitted applications to nominate three interstate and two highway routes as AFC’s during Rounds 4 and 5 of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) AFC Call for Nominations. The State’s nomination of these five routes as AFC’s was based on intra and inter-state travel patterns and annual traffic data. Each of these routes are important east-west and north-south corridors for in-state residents and visitors. These routes include the entire length of I-15, I-90, I-94, US-2, and US-93. Each of these routes are designated as “electric vehicle corridor pending.” FHWA has designated over 2,000 corridor miles as electric vehicle pending corridors. Montana’s Plan prioritizes funding charging locations that meet NEVI requirements along each of these corridors.

Alternative Fuel Corridors in Montana

Federal Rules and Laws

On June 2nd, 2023, the FHWA released the Updated 90-Day NEVI Program Guidance. This guidance provides background, funding eligibilities, and program guidance for implementation of these historic investments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

On June 22, 2022, the FHWA provided additional draft guidance for comment regarding minimum standards and requirements associated with the installation, operation, and maintenance of EV charging infrastructure.

On February 15th, 2023, the FWHA released the final minimum standards for federally funded EV infrastructure, as well as the Build America, Buy America implementation plan for EV charging equipment. The final minimum standards and Build America, Buy America plan provides States with every tool needed to build EV charging stations pursuant to their approved state charging plans developed under the NEVI program.

Discretionary Grant Program for Charging and Fueling Infrastructure

The Discretionary Grant Program is a competitive grant program to strategically deploy publicly accessible EV charging infrastructure and other alternative fueling infrastructure. At least 50 percent of this funding must be used for a community grant program where priority is given to projects that expand access to EV charging and alternative fueling infrastructure within rural areas, low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, and communities with a low ratio of private parking spaces.

NEVI Project Partnering List

The Partnering List allows interested electric vehicle (EV) site hosts and other potential National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) partners to submit their contact and other relevant information for inclusion on the NEVI Project Partnering List, a resource for the establishment of new partnerships to develop and deliver EV infrastructure projects in the state. By submitting information to this form, you agree to have your contact information and facility information posted publicly on MDT and DEQ's NEVI website and to allow other interested entities to contact you directly.

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