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Most Current: Data from 2008-2017

Crash data is viewable by county, city, reservation and statewide.

The documents below are Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. If you don’t have Excel, data is available in other formats. Please contact us for details.

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If you need additional crash data not available here, please contact Mark Keeffe or at 406-444-3430.

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Detailed Crash Data

Montana Statewide Carcass Data 2013-2017

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has access to two databases containing information on wild animal vehicle collisions. The MDT Carcass Database contains information on carcasses collected by MDT and County maintenance personnel; however, not all carcass collection is reported consistently or on a regular schedule. This makes the information provided by the Carcass Database useful for pattern identification over space and time, but not statistically valid. It also is difficult to match a carcass report to a crash report to ensure the carcass is not counted twice in a detailed study.

MDT also has access to wild animal vehicle collisions reported by or through the Montana Highway Patrol (MHP). This dataset is limited by the fact that many wild animal vehicle collisions are not reported, or if they are reported, it may be well after the crash occurrence. Additionally, the reporting officer may note in the narrative what type of animal was impacted; however, the crash form does not have a data field for the type of animal, so this information is not provided consistently.

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