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Active Project - MDT - Valley Spur Intersection Improvement Overview

Valley Spur Intersection Improvement

SF-169 Valley Spur Intx Imprv
HSIP 1299(42)
UPN 9190000M

Project Overview

A number of traffic studies have been completed for the Valley Spur Road’s intersection with the Frontage Road and East Valley Center Road in Bozeman. Several options were reviewed to improve the intersections including closure of Spur Road, roundabouts, and traffic signals. Both intersections currently meet a number of signal warrants and control of vehicle queuing is a necessity considering the Montana Rail Link crossing south of the Frontage Road intersection. The objective of this project is to provide safe, coordinated signalization at the identified intersections to improve congestion and clear queuing during rail crossing events.

Project Area Map

This project is located in Gallatin County within the Bozeman urban limits on the west side of Bozeman. The project is on the Valley Spur Road between the Frontage Road and East Valley Center Road intersections. The project consists of intersection and signal improvements with no improvements planned within the Interstate 90 corridor and its overpass structures.

Valley Spur Intersection Improvement Map