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Study Focus

The Montana Department of Transportation conducted an examination of existing safety rest areas, as well as needs and opportunities for new sites, along US Highway 2 (US 2). Within the corridor, MDT maintains 24-hour, year-round rest areas at Troy and Culbertson. These facilities are in good condition with no major maintenance anticipated within the next six years. The purpose of the study was to identify gaps in rest area service on US 2 and site new facilities based on needs; public, agency, and stakeholder input; and financial feasibility. Construction of any future facilities would be contingent upon funding and other factors.

Study Area

US 2 enters Montana at its western border; runs adjacent to the southern border of Glacier National Park; traverses the Blackfeet, Fort Belknap, and Fort Peck reservations and numerous other communities along the corridor. US 2 continues east to Culbertson for a total of approximately 666 miles. The study considers six discrete segments spaced at approximately one-hour intervals, consistent with the requirements of Montana's Rest Area Plan.