Montana Department of Transportation


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Public Involvement

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Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation is rehabilitating I-90 between St. Regis and Superior. The project begins 1 ½ miles east of St. Regis and ends approximately five miles west of Superior near the Dry Creek Road Interchange (Exit 43).

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MDT will resurface nine miles of concrete pavement, repair shoulders and repave the Sloway Road Interchange ramps (Exit 37). The project will improve roadway conditions and extend the life of the pavement 10-15 years. The work is expected to begin spring 2019 and be completed in summer 2020.

The project includes a proven construction technique called a “Dowel Bar Retrofit” which will insert metal rods into the concrete pavement at the paving joints. The steel bars add strength and durability to extend the life of the pavement. Once the dowel bar work is completed, the surface of the concrete will be milled smooth to improve the ride. Dowel bar retrofits have been used successfully throughout the country.

What To Expect During Construction

  • I-90 will be reduced to one lane in each direction.
  • Both east- and westbound interstate traffic will travel on the same side of I-90.
  • Vehicles over 16-feet wide will need to plan an alternate route.
  • Speed limits will be reduced in the construction zone.

Slow for the cone zone