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Project Overview

MDT is continually working towards zero fatalities and zero serious injuries on Montana roadways. To achieve this goal, improve traffic flow, and extend the life of the highway MDT is undertaking a significant reconstruction of the MT-16/MT-200 highway between Sidney and Fairview.

The project involves the realignment of key intersections to improve sight distance, increase the space for large vehicles to turn, and add center-left turn lanes along busy rural roads. Two miles of North/Southbound (N/S) passing lanes between County Road (CR) 127 and CR 130 will help alleviate congestion in the area, while reducing the potential for crashes. Additionally, a complete resurfacing of the highway along with roadside improvements to flatten slopes or install barriers in 14 locations will ensure the corridor continues to meet the needs of Eastern Montana travelers now and for years to come.

The estimated cost of the project is $11.5M.

Growing to Meet Your Needs

The Sidney to Fairview corridor is the busiest stretch of highway in Eastern Montana with traffic counts often exceeding those of the interstate. This trend is expected to continue as activity in the Bakken formation picks up and industry and agriculture related traffic increases. Montana Highway Patrol records show 353 crashes along this section of roadway in a five-year period. Of those crashes, 24% resulted in injuries, and three fatalities occurred.

Impacts to the Public

MDT is committed to working with local stakeholders to minimize construction impacts on industry and the traveling public. Two-way traffic will continue during the majority of the construction; however, motorists should be prepared for limited lane closures. Landowners will maintain full-time access to their property throughout the duration of the project.

Because this is a construction project, the traveling public is asked to prepare for delays of up to 15 minutes and reduced speeds of 55 mph. Drivers are reminded to slow down and pay close attention to their surroundings while traveling through work zones.

Members of the public should plan for increased travel times and can timely detour and delay information here: (look for MT-200)

Project Timeline

The project began in April of 2018. It will be substantially complete in October 2018 and fully complete in Spring of 2019. Work beginning this spring will focus on relocating irrigation facilities and road widening to accommodate the center-left turn lanes, as well as 2-miles of N/S passing lanes between CR 127 and CR 130. Surface improvements along the entire corridor are expected to begin in the Fall.