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National Work Zone Awareness Week

Helena, Montana (April 8, 2019) - Governor Steve Bullock has
recognized April 8th – 12th as “National Work Zone Awareness Week” in
Montana in remembrance of Jeffrey Dykeman, Billings District Project
Engineer, who was tragically hit and killed in a work zone on I-90
South in Billings. 

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT),
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and public safety
organizations statewide are joining forces to urge motorists to take
the pledge and “Drive Like You Work Here” to prevent crashes and
injuries in construction work zones across Montana.

One sure sign of
summer in Montana is an increase in highway construction.  MDT would
like to remind motorists of the hazards in work zones and the
importance of driving with caution through these areas. Last year,
200 crashes took place in construction zones along Montana roadways.
Of those 200 crashes sixty-eight percent (68%) resulted in no
injuries. However, there was a total of eleven serious injury crashes
that resulted in six (6) fatalities.  

Motorists have the
responsibility to keep workers, passengers and themselves safe by
staying alert, obeying work zone speed limits, and following posted
signs and directions from workers. Most work zone crashes are caused
by distracted driving and not obeying posted speed limit signs. 

While work zones preserve the safety of workers on Montana roadways,
MDT appreciates that they can cause frustration and delay. Motorists
are asked to take the following actions when entering work zones:

     Stay alert and give your full attention to the roadway. 

Read road signs and follow instructions from work zone flaggers. 

    Turn on headlights so workers and motorists can see vehicles. 

     Do not tailgate. 

•	Do not speed. Slow down to posted

•	Keep up with the traffic flow through work zones. 

      Unless instructed to do so, do not change lanes in work zones. 
•	Avoid distractions such as cell phones, eating, putting on
make-up and on-board entertainment systems. 

•	Expect the
unexpected. Keep an eye on workers and their equipment. 

•	Be
patient. Remember work zones are necessary to improve roads and make
them safer. 

Montana’s goal of Vision Zero is moving the state
toward zero deaths and zero injuries on all Montana roads through
education, enforcement, engineering and emergency medical response.
Because one life lost is one too many, MDT and our partners are
united in our mission to save lives on Montana roads. But we can't do
this alone—we need your help. Commit to Vision Zero and "Drive Like
You Work Here."

Get additional work zone safety information and tips
for traveling during the construction season at .