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Active Project - Rarus Silverbow Creek Structure Improvements

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Rarus Silverbow Creek Structure Improvements

Project Overview

The Rarus Silver Bow Creek Structures project (near City Center exit) is continuing to replace and upgrade four bridges on Interstate 15/90 west of Butte. Phase 2 of 3 will take place in 2019. Improvements require replacement to widen the bridges and shoulders to improve safety for all travelers.

Project Timeline

The project began in April of 2018 and will be complete in 2020.

Impacts to the Public

While construction is active, travelers can expect reduced speeds, single lane traffic, and should plan for extra travel time in the area. The City Center NB/EB exit will remain closed while Phase 2 work is performed. The I-115/Iron Street SB/WB on- ramp will remain open except during periods when road reconstruction activities on I-15/90 require short-term closure.


In regard to the bridges, travelers can currently expect to see:

  • Demolition of the existing bridges in the I-15/90 SB and WB lanes.
  • Construction of the substructure (foundation) elements of the new bridges;
  • Reinforcing steel and concrete placement; and
  • Steel girder and bridge deck placement.


Roadway construction efforts are underway and will include:

  • Paving in the I-15/90 NB and EB lanes until mid-May 2019 (finishing Phase 1); and
  • Freeway reconstruction and paving in the I-15/90 SB and WB lanes throughout the 2019 (Phase 2) season.

Concrete, paving and surfacing take time to set and cure, the public may see open areas of roadway remain closed to the public until requirements for safe travel are met.

Other Activities

Other construction activities taking place could include:

  • Pavement (i.e., traffic and lane) marking/painting;
  • Continued restricted speed limits of 35 mph across existing bridges;
  • Additional traffic control devices (e.g., markers, signs, signals) to increase nighttime visibility of devices;
  • Motorists should expect increased Montana Highway Patrol enforcement presence to ensure the safety of the travelling public and;
  • Future construction efforts to continue through the summer of 2020.

For the most up-to-date travel information be sure to check: MDT Travel Conditions (look for I-15 - Mile Marker 123 to 126.5).

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