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Missoula Community Transportation Safety Plan

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Missoula Community Transportation Safety Plan

In 2012 the City of Missoula submitted a successful request for assistance in developing a community transportation safety plan (CTSP) to take a critical look at transportation safety related crashes within the Missoula urbanized area and identify strategies to reduce crashes and improve safety of all citizens.

The City of Missoula, with assistance from Cambridge Systematics and technical and financial support from MDT, initiated the development of Missoula's Community Transportation Safety Plan. This CTSP was coordinated to include various community stakeholders to address transportation safety issues in the area and to identify strategies to address safety issues and reduce vehicle crashes.

Safety planning is a data-driven process. Cambridge Systematics collected and reviewed relevant crash data for Missoula to help local stakeholders determine and prioritize the focus areas of the safety effort. The basis of the plan consisted of stakeholders input, comprehensive data analysis, and "best practices" of national safety programs and safety management and implementation that fit the community needs.

Similar to the development of the statewide Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan, local stakeholders determined strategies to reduce crashes within the chosen focus areas from the aspect of the 4E's of safety (education, enforcement, emergency medical response, and engineering) and identified activities that are achievable within their community.