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Community participation is a very important part of the project development process. Opinion, comments and concerns may be submitted in writing by mail or email to any of the project contacts shown on this page. Please include Kalispell Courthouse Couplet Project, UPN E012000 in the correspondence.

Comments may also be submitted using MDT's online comment form, please choose Kalispell Courthouse Couplet in the "Commenting on a project or activity?" dropdown list.

Project Overview

Prior to the design / development of the reconstruction project for the Kalispell Courthouse Couplet, MDT has engaged Robert Peccia and Associates to provide preliminary traffic engineering and coordination services under their 2015 – 2016 Traffic Engineering Term Contract. The intent of this preliminary phase is to determine the final roadway configuration, identify traffic operational and safety issues, and collaborate with the local governments and the public. This preliminary phase is intended to identify final lane use and other geometric recommendations, and complete the traffic analysis necessary for advancing the project, while considering the other Main Street improvements being considered by Flathead County and the City of Kalispell.

June 28, 2016 Presentation

Traffic Report
Appendix A - Public Comments
Appendix B - Data Collection
Appendix C - Existing (2015) Operational Analysis
Appendix D - Projected (2040) Operation Analysis
Appendix E - Public Meeting Materials
Appendix F - Presentation To Elected Officials

Online Maps
A series of maps was developed to compare traffic patterns for alternative configuration scenarios for the downtown Kalispell Courthouse Couplet. The map series can be viewed at: